React props object

Props is an object that is passed down to components as arguments.
props is the object used to pass data from parent to child component.
Props are passed down to elements via custom attributes in the component.

Below are examples of two component, a Header and a Title
Title is nested inside the Header and it’s passed a prop called title.
The text of the title is saved in a const inside the Header component and passed down to Title component as a prop named title.
Inside Title component we access the title text through props.title
 is the object that contains all the props and props.title returns the value of the title.

const Header = () => {
  const title = "This is my title passed as a prop";

    <div className="header">
      <Title title={title} />
const Title = props => {
  return (

Rendering multiple elements in an array

JSX can render components when they are passed to it into an array. We use to pass props for multiple elements in an array.

Here’s an example of a TodoList that passes props to a Todo element

const TodoList = props => {
      { => {

Whatever we return in the map function is added to a new array.
In this case we are returning Todo components with props that are added to the new array created by
 then renders the new array as a list of components.

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