Want to improve performance of your business website?

Business websites are more than just a glorified brochure.
They have a job to do! They need to generate leads, increase sales, and improve

They need to be funnels that quickly convert visitors to customers.

But how do we know if our site is actually doing its job?
How do we know if it's reaching our conversion goals?

The answer is collecting and analyzing website data and then measuring and interpreting this data to inform decisions about our business.

We have so many web analytic tools these days that can accurately measure
metrics and dimensions.

The problem with all these tools, though, is that they are getting more and more
complex and difficult to understand, and use.

This is a problem because if the wrong data is collected, or if it's interpreted
badly, it may lead to wrong business decisions, and waste of time and money.

I help business owners understand the data generated by their website analytics
tools, and improve conversions and return on investment.

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